What drives the stock market?

Introduction: What drives the stock market? The stock market is actually a collection of stock exchanges around the globe where buyers and sellers of publicly traded corporations can transact. Traders who believe a company will succeed bid up the price, while those who believe the company will fail bid down the price. The seller’s profit, … Read more

Against the Stock Market Betting Strategies

Introduction: Against the Stock Market Betting Strategies When people consider investing, they frequently consider purchasing stocks, mutual funds, or exchange-traded funds (ETFs) in the hopes that their value will rise. If they do, you can sell your shares for a higher price and make money; if the value of the shares declines, you will suffer … Read more

Investing in the Stock Market

Introduction: Investing in the stock market Let’s begin with a short story. Warren Buffett is a successful investor as well as a good trader. He had a bet with the hedge funds, and he said that you can’t beat index returns. Hedge funds basically find opportunities and invest in companies that can give a good … Read more

The Stock Market.

Introduction: THE STOCK MARKET In 1602, the Dutch East Indian Company, they sell ships in different corners of the world for the trading of gold, spices, and ceramic utensils, in August 1602  Dutch East India Company made an offer in front of the rich people that gave money to our company and our company will … Read more