How to buy Bitcoin safely.

 Introduction: How to buy Bitcoin safely.

 Bitcoin has been around for ten years now, and it has withstood every technological test that we have thrown at it, but at the end of the day, we all don’t know what’s around the corner, and even though Bitcoin is probably going to be the most valuable and the one with the most potential technology, it is bound to be disrupted. But I do think that Bitcoin is here to stay for a long time, so invest only in what you are comfortable with. Now let’s get into it.

How to buy Bitcoin safely


 The best brokerage to use now depends on what you value most. For me, that is safety and security of use and value. The money you invest is first and foremost extremely secure, and secondly, the interface doesn’t look like an F-15 fighter jet. Now all of these brokerages you go with require two things: AML and KYC, which are knowing your customer and following anti-money laundering laws, will require you to have your ID, your address, your phone number, and everything else that standard brokerage requires. So anyway, my two favorite brokerages are Gemini and Coinbase. They both are phenomenal; you can’t go wrong with either one. The sign-up process is virtually the same, but the less information you provide to them, the less I’ll go into the computer and show you what your limit to purchase and sell bitcoin will be, and the more details you offer, the greater your limit will be.

 It will therefore ask you for your first and last names, email addresses, passwords, and phone numbers before moving on to the next step. It’s going to ask you for a password photo or a driver’s license ID, followed by a password number and physical mailing address. Once you complete that, you’re good to go. After you sign up, the next order of business is to make sure our account is safe and secure and that no one can steal our bitcoins or your coins. By visiting the app store and downloading the free Authy app, you may achieve that. This is only to make sure that even if someone has the username, email, and password, they still won’t be able to log in and do anything that’s harmful unless they have physical access to our phone, which hopefully they don’t unless you are kidnapped.

Step 2:

 With credit cards. Do not ever buy Bitcoin with a credit card or debit card because their fees are insanely high at 3.49 percent that is crazy high because for reference the stock market returns seven percent per year and you are just going to pay half of that up front just to start investing don’t ever pay 3.49 for everything ever instead connect your bank account so there are two ways you can do that manual way which is where they’ll send you pennies and then you confirm with them ownership of your bank account but there’s a better way which is to do this go to the upper right-hand corner and click on account settings then funding sources and then clicking on the automatically link bank account via plaid  option now use a third party software integration where it connects everything automatically and these brokerages don’t have access to your bank accounts it’s only through plaid which is a very safe and secured service

Step 3:

Let’s finally buy some Bitcoin. If you see the front page, you have all different kinds of cryptocurrencies that you can buy into, but only one. Bitcoin and Ethereum are the most legitimate projects in the space; they were the first, and they have the best and brightest future potential for growth. Bitcoin is going to replace gold as the next digital standard for gold, and if that happens, the market cap will surpass gold’s 10 trillion dollars.

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